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Shannon Bryan

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Posted: November 18, 2012

See what’s in the cards

Written by: Shannon Bryan

The future is so uncertain. It’s even sometimes hard to make sense of the past. But a reading with Jackie Major might help get things in order and help you see life more clearly. Got a big decision to make? Talk to Jackie. Keep dating the same lame dude? Talk to Jackie. Kinda skeptical? Talk to Jackie. She’s been reading for over 25 years – and you can be as specific or as general with your questions as you’d like.
6-9 pm Tuesdays at Dobra Tea, Portland; $15 for 10 minutes, $25 for 20 minutes, $35 for 30 minutes.
(Note: Jackie reads Tarot and provides Professional Clairvoyant readings at Arcana, 81 Market St, just around the corner from Dobra Tea.)

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