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Posted: November 22, 2012


Written by: Shannon Bryan

Portland tree lighting

5:30 pm Fri, Nov 23

Maybe you’ve noticed – there’s a giant, lumbering tree growing up from the bricks in Monument Square. It’s a good-looking blue spruce. And it’s happy to be here. But that tree didn’t lug itself all the way from SoPo (admittedly, it may have had help) just to lounge about at our city’s center. It has plans.

At 5:30 pm Friday, that tree is going to get all dolled up – LED lights from top to trunk – and it wants you to be there.

The lighting of the tree is an annual Portland celebration. And it marks the official start of the holiday season – the parties, the frenzy, the oh-so-purty decorations. There’ll be live music from Rick Charette and Santa will certainly make an appearance. But the tree – she’s really the center of it all.

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