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Posted: January 17, 2013

Say it, Eat it: Crème fraiche

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Crème fraiche[crem fresh]

Soured cream. But not sour cream exactly. Crème fraiche is made with cream and buttermilk and is less sour than the sour cream we’re used to piling on our nachos. But the two look alike and can often be swapped in recipes. Or eaten by the spoonful, as someone here at likes to do.

Hear it:

Eat it:

  • Caiola’s makes marinated golden beets with a poppy seed crème fraiche, celery, and hazelnuts
  • The crispy corn cake at Bar Lola is served with pork rillette and cumin creme fraiche
  • My colleague swears by the crema fresca at El Rayo Taqueria
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