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    Things to do this weekend

    Halloween, Maine beer & Carrie the Musical: 5 things to do in Maine this weekend

    Halloween seems like the big player this weekend. And yes, you'll deck yourself out in some amazing creation that'll blow everyone's mind and maybe even win you some cash at one of the night's Halloween parties. But what happens the rest of the weekend? Will you be left to deal with your Halloween hangover and the leftovers of your costume until Monday morning arrives again? Heck no! There's plenty of joy to be had after Halloween. Portland Beer Week starts Friday and runs until Nov 10. Part of that "week" includes the Maine Brewers Festival this Saturday. There's also a chance to do go on Saturday (after all the bad you're going to do Thursday night) with the Cranksgiving bike race. And to keep things at least a little creepy, at least for a few extra days, "Carrie the Musical" performances happen all weekend. Read on