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Doug Bruns

Photographer, occasional journalist, traveler, dog-walker, writer, dish-washer, father, friend, husband, wanna be Mainer (but will always be from "away"), hell-bent on stoking the fires of curiosity till the last breath. Check out more of his work at

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In Focus with Doug Bruns
Posted: April 3, 2014

Artist Eric Sorensen finds redemption through art: "This isn’t just a hobby"

“Becoming Eric” ~ Eric Sorensen, Artist from Doug Bruns on Vimeo.

Meet Eric Sorensen, artist, thinker, and recovering substance abuser. After decades of street living, and after losing his wife to a drug overdose, Eric Sorenson found redemption through the creation of art. He shares his journey in the hope that his story will serve as an example to others, and inspire us all into making beautiful art of our lives.

Eric’s art will be on display during First Friday Art Walk (5-8 pm Friday, April 4) at HopeGateWay, 185 High Street, Portland.

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