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Posted: June 9, 2014

Freeport got yarn bombed: 17 photos of International Yarn Bombing Day in Maine

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Yarn bombing: The sweetest form of graffiti.

If you’re not familiar with yarn bombing – a form of street art that employs yarn over paint – then these photos of from Maine Street Stitchers in Freeport may help explain. Or confuse your further. The photos were taken early Saturday morning (also known as International Yarn Bombing Day) in Freeport, and they show the overnight handiwork of the Maine Street Stitchers, a Freeport-based group that has been yarn bombing together for years. This year’s theme: Under the Sea.

Why do they yarn bomb?

“Because it’s just something fun,” said Sebastian Meade, a member of the Maine Street Stitchers. “My personal art is about fun and to attract the public into the art world. I find that yarn bombing is a good way to extend it. If anything, it makes someone smile. There are a few people who frown about it, but more people stop take a picture, point, laugh or smile.”

Depending on who you ask, yarn bombing is considered graffiti – albeit a kind of graffiti that’s really easy to remove – and is an illegal activity in some places. And yet it involves people who knit or crochet things – from colorful turtlenecks for trees to happy-looking fish that fit right over a fence post. Once a year, yarn bombers from around the world conspire to deck their respective cities and towns during International Yarn Bombing Day. This is the fourth year the Maine Street Stitchers has yarn bombed Freeport.

“I know people who work and or live in Freeport,” said Meade. “And they always tell me how many people stop and look and enjoy. Plus it’s not permanent, and it’s only seen for a short period of time.”

Most of the Maine Street Stitchers’ work is still up, so there’s still time to check it out in person. Or check out all the photos on the Maine Street Stitchers Facebook page and Acts of Random Art Facebook page

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