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Posted: October 3, 2013

Free conversations in Monument Square during FFAW

Written by: Shannon Bryan

The people in the photo above are doing something outrageous. They’re talking. To each other. In person, no less.

Maybe it’s not that outrageous after all. But all that texting, emailing, and messaging we do means we’re doing a lot more typing and a lot less talking. In an effort to remedy the situation – at least for a few minutes – Guerrilla Downtown is offering free conversations in Monument Square during the October 4 First Friday Art Walk.

Yep. Free conversation. Sans cellphone. Participants will select a topic of conversation from a menu of subjects and “experience the face-to-face social media of social interaction.” Otherwise knowns as: Talking.

This is the third installation by Guerrilla Downtown, a group of local actors and directors who come together for site-specific performances. For more on them:

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