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Dennis Perkins

Dennis Perkins is a freelance writer who lives in Auburn with his lovely wife, the writer Emily L. Stephens, and their cat, Cooper. When not watching all the movies ever made or digging up stories about the Maine film scene, he can be found writing for the AV Club and elsewhere. The rest of the time, he's worrying about the Red Sox.

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Posted: January 20, 2016

Indie Film: 9 David Bowie films to remember his days on the big screen

Written by: Dennis Perkins

It’s jarring when an entertainer dies, our grief at the loss we feel intertwined with the feelings his works have elicited in us. The news of David Bowie’s death from cancer on Jan. 10 was shocking, in equal measure because of its suddenness and how his ever-evolving, multifaceted artistic career touched on so many genres. As much as I came to love Bowie’s music, it was his intermittent foray into the movies that first drew me to him. Bowie always considered himself more of a dabbler than a proper actor, but, in his often-brief appearances in movies, he was a striking, indelible presence. As in life, he was impossible to ignore.



Railroad Square Cinema
Thursday: “Chi–Raq.” A traditionally provocative Spike Lee musical drama in which the women of violence-plagued Chicago band together to withhold sex until their men put down their guns. Based on the ancient Greek drama “Lysistrata,” it’s classic Lee — strident, complex and fascinating.

Frontier (Brunswick)
Starting Tuesday: “Noma: My Perfect Storm.” Adventurous foodies are advised to check out this delicious documentary about world-renowned (and unusual) Danish restaurant Noma, whose ever-changing menu is made up of ingredients foraged from all over Scandinavia.

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