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Posted: January 7, 2015

2015 MAMM SLAM Rules & Regulations

Written by: Shannon Bryan


  • Bands and solo performers (including DJs) are all welcome to compete in the MAMM SLAM.
  • All solo performers have to be currently enrolled in a Maine high school or alternative program.
  • For bands, at least one (1) band member needs to be currently enrolled in a Maine high school or alternative program. Other band members may be enrolled in a Maine middle school or alternative program, but NO high school graduates are allowed to participate in the MAMM SLAM.
  • Bands cannot change (add/drop) members at any point during the MAMM SLAM. All members listed on the registration form must appear on the demo songs and at all live MAMM SLAM performances. Failure to comply will result in disqualified from the competition.
  • Bands and solo performers cannot change their names during the


  • Individual band members can play in multiple bands.


  • Every band or solo performer that registers is given a chance to compete in the MAMM SLAM
  • The registration deadline is March 21, 2015.
  • Bands and solo performers must submit two (2) recordings of original material. Songs can be submitted electronically via email (MP3’s, etc) or on CDs through the mail.
  • Each band must complete the registration form.
  • Each band member and their parents/guardians must complete, sign, and submit the registration form.
  • Partially completed registration forms will not be considered.
  • Each act (band, solo performer, DJ, etc) is required to pay the $25 non-refundable registration fee. Registration is not complete until payment has been received and processed.


  • Bands and performers will be contacted in the order in which their registration forms were received to schedule performance times (first come, first serve).
  • Attendance and timeliness is key. Failure to appear at the performances during the agreed upon time slot will be negatively reflected on an act’s score card and can disqualify an entrant from the competition.
  • Each act is allowed to play one (1) cover song during the Preliminary Round. Beyond that, bands are expected to play ALL original material.
  • Certain equipment will be provided to the musicians to use at the MAMM SLAM performances. Everyone will be provided with a list of instruments/gear that they will be expected to bring to the performances.


Preliminary Rounds

  • Live Performance 70%. Groups will be evaluated on their stage presence, originality, vocal quality, musicianship, etc.
  • Marketing 20%. Groups will be evaluated on their web presence, print material, etc.
  • Demo CD 10%. Groups will be evaluated on their songwriting, overall performance, etc.

Final Round

  • Live Performance 80%. Same criteria as above.
  • Marketing 20%. Groups will be able to resubmit their materials. Same criteria as above.
  • Five (5) acts will be elected to the Finals based on the judges’ scoring.
  • One (1) act will be elected to the Finals as the fan-favorite “Wild Card” act. This will be determined by an online vote conducted by


  • $1,000 Cash.
  • Professional Services Package: Band Photography, Graphic Design, Free Recording Studio Time, Radio Appearances
  • Performance Opportunities: Live appearance on the Maine Academy of Modern Music’s stage at the 2015 Old Port Festival.
  • Tour of Gateway Mastering Studios.


  • HAVE FUN! Although this is a competition, the goal of the MAMM SLAM is to allow students a chance to perform at some of the area’s best live music venues, to share their talents with their communities, and to receive constructive feedback from professionals from the local music industry.
  • Absolutely NO drugs, alcohol, etc, will be tolerated at MAMM SLAM events. Failure to comply by any +/or all members of a band will result in an automatic disqualification of that band from the competition.
  • The use of offensive or vulgar language at any point during MAMM SLAM events (on or off of the stage) will result in an automatic disqualification from the competition.
  • The Maine Academy of Modern Music reserves the right, in the face of unforeseen challenges or circumstances, to impose new guidelines or procedures.
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