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Posted: February 13, 2013


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Mark It Zero

Portland High School/Deering High School
Samson Martin (vox, bass), Evan Sampson (rhythm guitar), Jacob Katsiaficas (lead guitar), Ben Kalicky (drums)

Born in the toxic sewers of Portland, Maine, Mark It Zero is comprised of Samson Martin on bass and vocals Jacob Katsiaficas on lead guitar, Evan Sampson on rhythm guitar, and Ben Kalicky on drums. In their youth, the gang accidentally played in some strange ooze, resulting in the development of supernatural pop punk and crime-fighting powers. Donning bandanas, they took to the streets to fight crime. That is, until they got in one little fight and their parents got scared. Each member moved in with their aunt and uncle, who coincidentally all live in Bel-Air, and were crowed royalty. They do not roll on Shabbos.

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You’re Not My Friend, Pal

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