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Posted: February 13, 2013

MAMM SLAM: Beware of Pedestrians

Written by: Staff Reports

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Beware of Pedestrians

Scarborough High School/Gorham High School
Nate Harvey (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben Bergeron (backing vocals, lead guitar), Jake Bergeron (bass), and Greg Farrington (drums)

Beware of Pedestrians as a band began around November 2009, but the members have been messing around with music their entire lives. The members have been friends since before they can remember, and have always been very musical. They take music very seriously, and always do their best. All members have been taking lessons for years, and have been playing music together in their basements since before they were ten years old. All four members are excellent musicians, and are very good at what they od. Each member is extremely well versed in their instrument, as well as a few others here and there. Their musical careers began when they joined the Maine Academy of Modern Music as one of their many ensemble bands, but began to really take off when they began playing shows for Jacob Simcock/NEBooking in January 2011. They participated in the first Reindeer Off Ramp competition, where they won first-place awards for Best Marketing, Best Songwriting (Lyrics), Best Songwriting (Music), and second-place for Best Vocal. Their pop-punk/alternative sound has been compared to bands such as Sparks the Rescue, Hot Hot Heat, and the earlier side of Fall Out Boy. Beware of Pedestrians has been interviewed for Dispatch Magazine and also for Dispatch’s online podcast. Last year they were named one of the top bands to look out for in 2012 in Dispatch Magazine. They have played with a wide variety of bands, including Love Via Dance Machine, Too Late The Hero, Paranoid Social Club, Victorian Halls, Sleeper Agent, Sparks the Rescue, Spose, and many more.

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