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Leslie Bridgers

After a decade reporting on the news of Portland's suburbs, Leslie is excited to let loose on MaineToday, where the scoops are more ice cream, less scandal -- much like her life. After hours, you can find her reluctantly covering right field for the company softball team, bowling a straight ball at Bayside or wandering down from Munjoy Hill in search of food and drink.

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Posted: March 22, 2017

MAMM SLAM 2017: The Ghouls

Written by: Leslie Bridgers

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The Ghouls

Casco Bay High School
Charlie Rooks (drums), Annie Dodson (cello) and Tom Victor (guitar, vocals)

The Ghouls are three 15-year-olds from Portland. The band is comprised of Charlie Rooks on drums, Annie Dodson on cello and Tom Victor on guitar and behind the mic. Even though the trio has gone to school together since kindergarten, The Ghouls only came to life in the summer of 2016, working quickly to produce 30 minutes of original content for their first show. The MAMM Slam is a new challenge, but The Ghouls are prepared to take it on and show Portland what they bring to the sound of the city. In short, The Ghouls is a small band that is on its way to big things.

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