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Aimsel Ponti is a Content Producer at and a music writer for and the Portland Press Herald. She has been obsessed with - and inspired by - music since she listened to Monkees records borrowed from the town library when she was six years old. She bought her first Rolling Stones record at a flea market when she was in 7th grade and discovered David Bowie a year later. She's a HUGE fan of the local music scene and covers it along with national musical happenings in her "Face the Music" column and with artist interviews that appear in print in the Portland Press Herald and online at You'll also find her out and about absorbing live music like a sponge and roaming around local record shops and flea markets. Aimsel is also the host of Music from 207 on 98.9 WCLZ and appears monthly on the News Center Maine TV show “207” to talk of course.

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Posted: April 29, 2019

Like eating peanut butter in pajamas? For Miss Eaves, that’s a rap

Written by: Aimsel Ponti

Photos by Meg Wachter

If you’re still rounding out your spring training mix, consider adding the high-energy jam “Homebody” by Miss Eaves. She’s Brooklyn, New York-based multimedia artist, rapper and designer Shantony Exum who’s performing at Space Gallery on Friday night.

“Homebody” is one of three tremendous tunes from Miss Eaves’ brand-new, three-song EP “Sad.” The track has some of my favorite lyrics in recent history that celebrate the joys of staying in: “While you’re out at the club/I’m in my pajamas/Twerking in the mirror/Eating peanut butter.”

“Exposure Kills” repeats the question “Do I live off good vibes?”and answers it with the line “No, I don’t (got rent due, got bills due).” Then there’s “Left Swipe Left.” With seething yet funny commentary on dating apps, the song is both fierce and catchy. “Scrolling down it’s all the same/Good angles and good lighting/Their best side is boring me/I want to see what’s underneath.” Miss Eaves repeats the phrase “I’m gonna die alone” a whole bunch during this track, but she doesn’t seem to mind because she’s got plenty of cheese and chocolate.

But wait. There’s more! In 2017, Miss Eaves released the album “Feminasty” with the empowering, body-positive track “Thunder Thighs.” “Thick thighs, sundress, I’m looking good,” she repeats with conviction. Its video has racked up more than 2 million views, and it’s a celebration of women of all sizes.

Speaking of which, Miss Eaves also runs The Every Body Project, described as “an inclusive style blog whose main goal is to combat the negative body image issues that arise from the media’s narrow portrayal of beauty.” Exum told me in an email that both the blog and the track “Thunder Thighs” were born out of her wanting to see more inclusive representation in media.

For more about Exum’s life and music, head to and be sure to snag a ticket for Friday night’s show. This visit marks her third show in Portland and I can smell a sellout a mile away.

Miss Eaves

WHEN: 8:30 p.m. Friday
WHERE: Space Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland
HOW MUCH: $10 in advance, $12 day of show, all ages show

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