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Rhon Bell

Rhon Bell, an outdoor enthusiast, spends his time exploring the Maine Woods and documenting his journeys. Growing up in Aroostook County, he embraced the outdoor lifestyle at a young age. Living today near Portland, he spends weekends and week-long adventures hiking New England summits, canoeing the historic Maine waterways, and ice fishing for lake trout. Follow the journey as Window to the Woods discovers new destinations, and check out his other blog, Backwoods Plaid.

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Window to the Woods with Rhon Bell
Posted: October 1, 2013

Safe Drinking Water While Hiking, Canoeing & Fishing

Safe drinking water is key to all outdoor adventures. Bacteria, giardia, salmonella, viruses and other microorganisms can be a concern when collecting drinking water from natural sources. Treatment methods are usually water filtration or boiling. Over the past few years, a new method has emerged and a Maine-based company, SteriPen, is behind the innovative technology of portable UV filtration. Their products offer a simplistic way to ensure healthful hydration. 90 seconds of stirring with the ultraviolet light sterilizes a nalgene of collected water. This is an endorsement for the quick, efficient technology – not the company. The lightweight nature of the UV light saves ounces and it fits into a pocket. It’s come in as a handy replacement on many hikes and canoe trips.


This handheld unit kills harmful, invisibible “critters” in the water that easily can cause sickness on any outdoor trip.


Refreshing, cool water from a remote Maine lakeshore.


90 seconds of stirring a powerful little light and you have reliable hydration, with a few occasional “floaties” as my wife calls them. Unlike filtration, there is no sifting out any particulates from the water. But, hey – it’s safe.


After a long day of canoeing under the the energy-draining sun, a cold (and safe) drink of water is the only thing to quench my thirst. All that’s left to do is kick back by a fire, put your feet up and relax. Enjoy!

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