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Posted: January 2, 2014

5 ways to weather the storm (unless we don’t! Wait, what?!?)

Written by: Shannon Bryan


When a storm’s a-brewin’ in Boston, the people rely on complex series of alert systems to stay apprised of conditions and changes in storm predictions.

That complex alert system is known locally as the French Toast Alert System. And right now, in parts not all that far from Maine, the French Toast Alert System has raised the storm threat level to severe. It’s time to hit the store for eggs, milk, and bread, because no one deserves to be snowed in without the ingredients to make French toast.

A French Toast Alerts System might prove handy here in Maine, too. Or a Ryan’s Irish Cream Alert System. Both are swell on a snow day.

But weather forecasters are helpful to listen to, too. And they’re projecting quite the storm for Friday into Saturday. Events are being canceled. Driving anxiety is beginning to build. And people are starting to despair. I mean, it’s a storm! What are we gonna do!?!?

Snowing? Drink bourbon!

Well, we can drink half-priced bourbons and drafts at The Salt Exchange. They discount the good stuff when it’s snowing: Drink Cheap: Snowing? Half-price bourbons & drafts at Salt Exchange

Parking ban? Burrito!

We can stockpile $5 burritos from El Rayo. The price drops when there’s a parking ban in effect: Parking bans mean $5 burritos in Portland – via Bangor Daily News

Frigid? Fire!

We can huddle up to a fireplace at a local bar or barricade ourselves inside the sauna at the gym. The fireplace would probably be less sweaty. And it has better bar service: 21 wonderful ways to stay warm this winter. Wow!

Still snowing? Sledding!

We can get while the snow-getting is good and sled through the storm. Heck, if Mother Nature’s going to dump it, we might as well have some fun with it. Great sledding spots in Southern Maine – via Portland Press Herald

Dismal? Drinking game!

And there’s always a TV blizzard drinking game: Here’s Boston’s version. If we swap “hill in Worcester” with “side of 295” and “Harv” with “Joe Cupo” I think we’d almost have it.

But above all be safe

Don’t get on the roads unless you absolutely must. And if you do drive, take it slow and be prepared. Check out our winter driving words of advice.

Stay apprised with storm closings: Storm closings on

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