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After visiting Maine only a handful of times, Laura Serino packed up her studio apartment in New York City and headed north for "the way life should be." After a summer on North Haven island, she and her boyfriend, a Maine native, settled in Portland, Maine. Serino is a former magazine editor who has been published in national and regional publications. When she isn't blogging, she spends her time antiquing, scouring thrift shops, exploring new places in Maine and cozying up to her cat Jasper. She recently completed her first book, "Twentysomething Girl, 1001 Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier." Reach her at Follow her: @ForeFrontFash

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Fore Front Fashion with Laura Serino
Posted: June 4, 2013

Three new ways to wear denim

Since the weather this time of year is so unpredictable, hot then cold then warm then raining then warm again, denim is still a go-to and not just in the form of cut off shorts. Here I have put together three (and a half!) ways to wear denim this spring. – Ashley

By now, we should be used to colored denim and starting to feel pretty comfortable with printed denim. For many people, I know the jeans themselves may feel like a lot to wear, so you pair them with a basic t-shirt or chambray shirt. In this outfit, I hope to show how easy (and just as comfortable) it is to throw on a dress (yup, that’s right! There are two current trends hidden in this outfit) or tunic in a bold color to update the look just a bit. I wanted to keep the look playful, so I made bold color choices. The blue pulls out the similar color tones from the pants and the neon necklace is added as a fun element. Wedge sandals work here to make the look a little dressier.

In the past few weeks, I have seen denim dresses in many shapes, lengths, and volumes and at many different price points. Luckily for me, I found this one at Goodwill about a month ago. There is so much you can do with a denim dress. For this outfit, I took a bit of a bohemian approach. I belted it to give it some shape, added layered necklaces, and a headscarf for print.

We have all seen them in magazines, on the blogs, or anything that has to do with Free People, so we know one of our childhood favorites is back with a vengeance. I decided I would show you two ways to wear them so we would all feel a little more comfortable about their return. I was excited to find two pairs of overalls last year at Goodwill Buy the Pound for about $1 each. I turned one of them into shorts and kept the other as pants. Now there are tons of better fitting, but more expensive options. But if you are interested in trying them out, take a chance with a thrifted pair and see how that goes!

The first one is a bit more casual. A striped tee with a green and red necklace gave it a nautical feel. Converse keeps it low key, but still hip. The second one was a nod to the 70s. There are a lot of pieces out there now channeling this decade. The platform sandal helps tame the baggier leg and make them a bit sexier. The rest of the look is all about the little details.

My biggest tip for wearing overalls is to treat them like a regular pair of jeans or shorts. Just make sure you are watching the volume of the things you wear under it. Even though they make look casual, like any pair of denim, they can be dressed up for any occasion. It just depends on how you accessorize them.

THANKS to Ashley for her always helpful fashion advice. You can get more fashion ideas from Ashley on her blog Sweet William.


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