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After visiting Maine only a handful of times, Laura Serino packed up her studio apartment in New York City and headed north for "the way life should be." After a summer on North Haven island, she and her boyfriend, a Maine native, settled in Portland, Maine. Serino is a former magazine editor who has been published in national and regional publications. When she isn't blogging, she spends her time antiquing, scouring thrift shops, exploring new places in Maine and cozying up to her cat Jasper. She recently completed her first book, "Twentysomething Girl, 1001 Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier." Reach her at Follow her: @ForeFrontFash

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Fore Front Fashion with Laura Serino
Posted: December 27, 2012

Help for the guys: build the perfect new year's outfit

I’m not a menswear expert. A menswear aficionado, yes. But an expert? No sir. I’ve asked Alex Yakovleff, one of my favorite stylish guys in Portland and blogger behind A Fistful of Style, to weigh in on what the heck guys should wear on New Years. He dipped into his closet to put together three looks that will be easy for any man to replicate.

Look One: A Maine New Year

If you’re anything like me you have some friends throwing their shindig around a bonfire in their backyard or some similarly casual affair. No need to wear a tux. Dress up jeans and a fisherman’s sweater with a navy blazer and black suede shoes. Taking a cue from black-tie, the dark jeans and navy jacket contrast with the cream sweater and white shirt. This keeps the look classy, but also rugged. Perfect for a bonfire on a cold New Year’s Eve in Maine.

Jacket – Vtg. Stanley Blacker, Sweater – Vtg. Scotch House, Shirt – LLBean, Jeans – Penguin (Munsingwear), Shoes – Cole Haan, Pocket Square – Target

Look Two: Live-Blogging Your New Year

Most guys around this time break out their wedding and funeral suit, usually a black, boxy number with three high buttoning buttons. Ditch it. Take a cue from the new crop of menswear bloggers and stand out from a sea of navy and charcoal with a light gray double-breasted suit. Get it in a slim modern (or in this case, vintage) cut, pair it with a black knit tie and white French cuff shirt and you’ve got a great look for ringing in the new year while posting pictures from your smartphone of how much fun you’re having.

Suit – Vtg. Benoits, Shirt – Neiman Marcus, Tie – Vtg. Brooks Bros, Cufflinks – Vtg., Shoes – N.E.W.S., Pocket Square – Vtg.

Look Three: The Black Tie Veteran

It’s called “black tie” for a reason. You know. You’re a veteran. You still wear a dinner jacket to dinner. You have a midnight blue tuxedo because you know it looks blacker than black under artificial lights. You have a set of vintage mother-of-pearl tux studs and cuff-links because they’re just a little classier than black ones. You have a pair of wholecut oxfords because they’re the most appropriate thing besides opera pumps. But most importantly you know that “black tie” under the right circumstances can be “black watch tie” and still be right.

Tuxedo – Vtg., Shirt – Vtg. Arrow, Tux Studs/Cufflinks/Pocket Square – Vtg., Bow Tie/Cummerbund (Set) – Vtg. Brooks Bros., Shoes – Sebago

Thanks Alex! And don’t forget to check out his blog, A Fistful of Style, as a constant source of menswear inspiration. 

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