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After visiting Maine only a handful of times, Laura Serino packed up her studio apartment in New York City and headed north for "the way life should be." After a summer on North Haven island, she and her boyfriend, a Maine native, settled in Portland, Maine. Serino is a former magazine editor who has been published in national and regional publications. When she isn't blogging, she spends her time antiquing, scouring thrift shops, exploring new places in Maine and cozying up to her cat Jasper. She recently completed her first book, "Twentysomething Girl, 1001 Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier." Reach her at Follow her: @ForeFrontFash

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Fore Front Fashion with Laura Serino
Posted: December 5, 2013

A little outfit inspiration for Santacon

This Saturday marks the sixth annual Santacon. But Father Christmas isn’t the only holiday character that deserves to be paraded around town. Here’s a few classic Christmas personalities that deserve a shot in the spotlight!

Definitely the most dapper snowman around from the classic Rudolph movie – and what a crooner!  Bonus points if you can carry around a banjo and sing “Silver & Gold”. 1/ The classic black topper 2/ A green umbrella (which will also be helpful should it snow Saturday night) 3/ A classic black bowtie, 4/ tartan vest and 5/ pocket watch round out the look.

Maybe not the most noticeably recognizable character, but Judy Haynes is a tap-dancing, tantalizer in the classic White Christmas movie. I’ve already watched this twice and I hope to see a Bing Crosby doppelgänger out there too. Capture her classic demure 1950’s look with a 1/ cardigan and 2/ turtleneck combination tucked into a swingy, 3/ plaid skirt and cinched perfectly at the waist with a 4/ red belt.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Buddy the Elf, the quintessential merrymaker. You can go two different ways with this character, either “bedtime” Buddy in a  2/ red union suit or attempt to recreate his classic everyday ensemble with a 1/ green jacket and 4/ yellow tights. But don’t forget to carry something from one of the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

My personal favorite of all the Christmas characters that have ever lived, the one, the only, Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I assume most of us already own something from Eddie’s dynamite wardrobe, so this should be a no brainer. Make sure you slip out in a 1/trapper hat, 2/ white hotel bathrobe, 3/ gray socks and not much else.  And don’t forget Eddie’s favorite holiday accessories: a cigar and tall boy.

Ebenzer Scrooge is well-known for being a tightwad, but he’s also quite the style maven. For a guy that doesn’t like to spend money, he sure loves his velvet top coats and silk jammies. For a classic Scrooge look, break out your best pair of 1/ silk pajamas and 2/ smoking jacket and don’t forget your 5/ smoking slippers too. A 3/ walking stick will help keep you steady once you hit the final bar of the night and treat everyone to a round from your 7/ pouch of 6/ gold coins.

Perhaps the greatest holiday duo, nay duo, of our time, Charlie Brown and Snoopy deserve to be amidst the Santas of the season too. Many of you guys out there probably already have these Charlie Brown staples: a 1/ chamois shirt, 2/ cadet cap and 3/ pair of blue jeans. And don’t forget to outfit your favorite sidekick Snoopy in his 4/ holiday stocking cap.

I can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing at this year’s Santacon! Send me a photo if you try one of these looks!

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