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Heather Steeves tries to do things that are fun -- and only things that are fun. So far that's included stilt walking, roller derby and cross-country road trips in her Saturn.

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Posted: February 20, 2014

One day left to try Allagash White coffee – Yes, coffee

Written by: Heather Steeves

You have about 24 hours to get to Speckled Ax to try its Allagash White Sidamo coffee before it’s gone.

Here’s the scoop: The coffee and beer companies worked together to make this little oddity. They loaded the coffee beans into the same red wine casks Allagash uses to make its beer, then added the same spices (orange peels, coriander and magic) and let the beans absorb the flavors. It was an experiment. And it worked.

I popped in this morning with my coffee-loving girlfriend to try it.

Speckled Ax has been selling it for a couple weeks, but the barista told me they’ll likely be out of it by tomorrow or Saturday. Perfect timing.

This coffee did not start the way it ended. Despite gulping two 20-ouncers a day, I’m no coffee expert, so I made the mistake of drinking the still-hot coffee. And it was a mistake. It tasted terrible and stringent with a killer aftertaste.

So I waited. It was worth the wait.

Once it cooled, all of that dissipated. What was left was a juicy, fruity coffee. It smells amazing. It’s a light roast and although it sat in orange peels, it doesn’t come off as citrusy, but definitely has spicy, sweet fruit taste. I could drink this all day. And I might. I bought three cups (sorry not sorry).

Here’s what my girlfriend (who is a barista at another high-end cafe) said about it: “The initial sip hits you with a fruity flavor and silky body, tastes of stone fruit and citrus. Initial flavor gives way to a smooth and rounded out taste on the back of the palate with aftertastes of honey and nutmeg.”

Allagash describes its White, “light, crisp, fruity, spicy” — I’d say minus the “crisp” that’s dead-on for the coffee too.

What strikes me is that it’s a novelty coffee — that’s the hook that gets you in the door, beer-inspired coffee — but it doesn’t taste like a novelty, it stands on its own as an enjoyable and super drinkable roast.

The cafe will sell out of this coffee in the next day or so, but I was told Speckled Ax likes it so much, they will make it again.

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