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Posted: September 30, 2014

Holy fair food! 29 wonderfully gluttonous things to devour (or drool over) at Fryeburg Fair

Written by: Shannon Bryan

The Fryeburg Fair is not a place for diets. It’s a place for sugar and meat and dough, sometimes all at once. It’s a place where donuts quadruple in size and where children gnaw away at turkey legs bigger than their own arm. This is where you can unabashedly inhale an Italian sausage with onions and peppers for breakfast, because, as someone recently told me, “sausage is breakfast food” and follow it up with a few battered and deep-fried Oreo cookies. Because this is the fair, folks, not a Weight Watchers weigh in.

So if you’re trying to kick a sugar habit or incorporate more plant-based foods into your eating regime, I recommend you pack a lunch. Then again, don’t. If you’re like most humans, you’ll be powerless against the fair food siren song. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to look. So go ahead, lean in. Scroll through these photos and salivate.

* There are a few healthy options for Fryeburg fairgoers. Right near the main entrance is Juice Caboose, which serves an array of fruit/vegetable juices and smoothies, as well as hummus and pita chips, guacamole salad, veggie wraps and other good stuff. Elsewhere I spotted steamed veggies, rice, and meat that hadn’t been encased in fried batter. So it is possible to seek out healthier alternatives. When I first got to the fair, I swore that I’d eat something green for lunch. I ate a bologna burger instead. But hey, it’s the fair.

Fryeburg Fair continues through Saturday. FMI:

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