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Posted: April 11, 2017

Brunch: 40+ places to eat it in Portland

From Artemesia to Woodford F&B, here’s where you can get the meal that Sundays were made for.

Written by: Staff Reports

Brunch: It’s what’s for Sunday, whether that means endless cups of coffee in a cozy booth in winter or savoring a summer weekend Sunday Funday-style. We took an inventory of Portland’s ever-expanding brunch scene and found a massive amount of spots that serve it. We steered clear of places with more basic breakfasts, though we know beloved diners like Becky’s are morning go-tos for many. Still, some places that serve eggs and pancakes all week long did make our list, either because they amp up their offerings on the weekends, have heartier items on their menus or make a mean Bloody Mary. If this list is overwhelming, we give you a little more guidance here.

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