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John Golden writes about food and has a highly opinionated blog, The Golden Dish.

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Posted: April 8, 2015

We’re closed: Dining out on a Tuesday (or Sunday or Monday) isn’t an option at some of Portland’s popular restaurants

Written by: John Golden

Don’t plan on dining out Tuesdays in Portland at some of our finest and most popular restaurants, because many of them are closed.

It’s an odd schedule when you’d think restaurateurs, chefs and service staff would prefer to be closed on Mondays – a day in the week that is traditionally slow for restaurants nationwide.  This would give staff days off on Sunday (when many restaurants are closed) and Monday, time enough to recuperate over a two-day period.

Mondays used to be a perilous time to eat in restaurants because food deliveries arrived on Fridays. Unless the restaurant’s refrigeration units were in top form you’d run the risk of getting stuck with old, nearly spoiled food.

I remember a time long ago when I was in a London seafood restaurant on a Monday and by the time I got back to my hotel, I was deathly sick with gastrointestinal turbulence. The clerk at the hotel advised, “Never have fish on Mondays.”

The many faces of Portland dining

The many faces of Portland dining

Many of Portland’s restaurants are open 7 days a week, with the occasional few closed on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays.

Here’s a list (not definitive) of our most popular eateries with various hours of operation.

Fore Street: Open daily

Tiqa: Open daily

Ebb and Flow: Closed Sunday

Lolita: Closed Tuesday

Sur-Lie: Closed Sunday

Back Bay Grill: Closed Sunday

Isa: Closed Tuesday

The Rooms (Boone’s, Front Room, Corner Room, Grill Room):  Open daily

Hugo’s: Closed on Sunday

Eventide: Open daily

East Ender: Open daily

Empire Chinese: Closed Tuesday

Miyake Fore Street: Closed Sunday

Pai Men Miyake: Open daily

Central Provisions: Open Daily

Five Fifty Five: Open daily

Petite Jacqueline: Open Daily

Walter’s: Closed Sunday

Caiola’s: Closed for dinner on Sunday but open for brunch

Piccolo: Closed Monday and Tuesday; brunch only Sunday

Boda: Open daily

Bao Bao:  Closed Monday

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