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Posted: November 10, 2014

The best indoor winter farmer’s market is in Brunswick starting now!

A true artisan’s marketplace, the Brunswick indoor farmers’ market has it all: From cakes and pies, vegetables and fish, meat and cheese, woodcrafts and furniture, Indian and Mexican foods, it’s an exciting array of local Maine farm and craft vendors.

Written by: John Golden

What keeps a farmer’s market vibrant is its vendors who congregate in a communal outpouring of locavorism that has become the way life is (and not should be) in Maine.  And one of the best examples is the Brunswick Winter Market that’s held at Fort Andross every winter from November to April.

Fort Andross in downtown Brunswick

Fort Andross in downtown Brunswick

This year it opened on November 8 and the crowds poured in on schedule.  There are nearly 50 vendors, surpassing Portland’s outdoor market and dwarfing the upcoming Portland indoor market.

Top, Norumbega Cidery, Goranson Farm and multiple vendors

Top, Norumbega Cidery (center) and multiple vendors

Brunswick is, perhaps, more aggressive than its larger city to the south, with its Tuesday and Friday markets held on the green in the summer and the pastoral enclave of Crystal Springs Farm just a few miles out of downtown Brunswick.

Yo Momma's Apron Strings and troves of put away vegetables

Yo Momma’s Apron Strings and troves of put away vegetables


In fact, Brunswick is trying to move forward with plans to build a permanent home for the winter market right in downtown Brunswick at the old Brooks Feed and Farm lot. That begs the question: why isn’t Portland following suit?  Wouldn’t a permanent home for the market, accessible, with plenty of parking to benefit everyone—vendors and shoppers alike—aid and abet Portland’s buy local efforts?  With all the vacant land in Bayside and with a generous billionaire benefactor or two (it always amazes me how the wealth in Greater Portland remains so very quiet— but it’s there) to foot the bill.

Fairwinds Farm, Paula C's  pies and lemon squares

Fairwinds Farm, Paula C’s  Baked Home Baked Goods pies and lemon squares

From left: Tandem Glass, Hootenanny (bagels and breads)

From left: Tandem Glass, Goranson Farm and Hootenanny (bagels and breads)

Well, enough proselytizing for now and take a look at one of Maine’s most exciting indoor winter markets. For a complete list of vendors, go to Farmers and Producers.

Note: Some of my favorite vendors include Paula C’s (lemon squares and pies), Farmer’s Daughter (popovers and muffins), Apple Creek Farm (the best lamb, poultry and eggs), Six River Farm (incredible hoop-house crops continue throughout the winter), Zu Bakery, Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants, to name a few.


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