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Dave Patterson is a writer and musician who is thirsty for craft beer. He's been immersed in the New England beer scene for years as a patron and since 2013 as a beer writer. In his attempt to drink all the great beer America has to offer, Dave has become convinced that the Maine beer scene is among the best in the country. He can be spotted throughout the state at breweries, bars, and backyards imbibing brilliant Maine beers. It is his belief that craft beer plays an integral role in bolstering a vibrant local economy, so he urges you do your part by drinking local beer to support your community. Twitter: @PattersonWriter​

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Posted: February 17, 2015

Watch and learn: Local Brew TV spotlights Maine breweries for all beer drinkers

Written by: Dave Patterson
Brew TV host Matt Delemater outside of Foundation Brewing in Portland. Dave Patterson photo

Brew TV host Matt Delamater outside of Foundation Brewing in Portland. Dave Patterson photo

The Maine beer scene is without a doubt one of the most vibrant craft beer scenes in the nation. Some of our beers even have celebrity status. Take, for example, Maine Beer Company’s double IPA, Dinner, a beer that has people driving hundreds of miles and sleeping outside the brewery to acquire a bottle.

And that’s just the tip of the brewing iceberg in the Pine Tree State. There’s a long list of acclaimed beers coming out of Maine. Someone should make a television show about our brewing scene. One with a dynamic host and the production quality of a Travel Channel series.

Here’s the good news – that show does exist, and there are four episodes completed and ready for viewing. Local Brew TV is a web-based series that has the high def resolution and carefully edited quality of a legitimate television show.

Local Brew TV is the brainchild of Nate Bowman, owner of the South Portland video production company, Bowman Productions. Bowman explains that the goal of the show is “to get the people who don’t normally drink craft beer comfortable and familiar with the great breweries in Maine and give them a try.”

Using the very comfortable and familiar platform of a Travel Channel thirty-minute reality television series, Local Brew TV lends an inviting spotlight to Maine breweries for all beer drinkers. This show, thankfully, is not an artsy series with seizure-inducing quick cuts and esoteric brewing lingo.

The television crew shooting the show. Stephen Davis Phillip photo

The television crew shooting the show. Stephen Davis Phillips photo

Local Brew TV makes the Maine brewing scene accessible to beer drinkers of all levels in the way Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations makes exotic culinary scenes around the world accessible to middle America.

As a videographer and editor, Bowman has an eye for polished graphics, overdubbed narration, clear transitions, and the pacing of a thirty-minute television series. Local Brew TV has the high gloss finish of a television-ready show.

The ace in the hole for Local Brew TV is Matt Delamater, the show’s host. Delemater is a Portland-based actor whose impressive resume includes regional stage performances of Shakespearean plays and other classics to film appearances, most recently in Tumbledown with SNL’s Jason Sudeikis, to a role on a forthcoming NBC television show. On camera, Delamater commands authority in his role as host, while being the relatable everyman. He can be at once in control of a scene while also making himself look silly as he attempts to bind six packs of Baxter Beer in Episode One.

Here’s an overview of the four episodes currently available on the Local Brew TV website.

Episode One delves into the Lewiston mill brewery of Baxter Brewing.

Episode Two gives a glimpse of Maine Beer Company when they were still in the space Bissell Brothers now occupies in One Industrial Way.

Episode Three is a wild, unpredictable ride at the Funky Bow Brewing farm in Lyman.

And Episode Four, released in January, highlights Bissell Brothers Brewing.

The final two episodes of season one are slated for release this spring and summer with Allagash Brewing Company (currently in production) and a brewery to be named soon.

The brewing scene in Maine is world class, and now it has the proper documentation of a television show that is professionally produced and masterfully hosted in Local Brew TV.


Local Brew TV

EPISODES: Baxter Brewing, Maine Beer Company, Funky Bow Brewing, Bissell Brothers Brewing
UPCOMING EPISODE: Allagash Brewing Company


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