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Posted: May 17, 2013

Rent a scooter, tour Kennebunkport

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If you’re going to cruise along Maine’s coast, it should be with the wind in your face. And without the barrier of a car door. You can rent a scooter in Kennebunkport and take it wherever you’d like to go. But you can just as happily stick around Kennebunk and Kennebunkport and scope out the beaches, the downtown, and the beautiful Franciscan Monastery grounds. A stop at Aunt Maries for some of the best lemonade around would be a nice way to cap the trip.

Rates are: $89 for 24 hours or $29 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. There’s a deposit, too, just in case you, well, break anything.

Harbor Village Scooters is located at the corner of Route 35 and Route 9 in Kennebunkport. For rentals, call 207-967-8760 or

We tried it!

Go ahead, mock scooter anxiety. Crack jokes, point fingers. But for those of us (and by “us” I mean other people) frightened by compact, open-sided motorized vehicles, scooters are something you look at, not ride. But the best way to get over scooterphobia is to simply take a seat, turn the key and give that puppy some gas. And at Harbor Village Scooters, the therapy is easy.

Scooter? I hardly know her! Scooter touring in Kennebunkport

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