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Posted: February 10, 2015

BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby): A new parent and baby mingle at Little Tap House

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Life changes when you have a baby. Most of your time is now spent tending to this tiny, wondrous new human and so a whole heck of a lot less of your time is spent sleeping, lingering in the shower, socializing or popping into the local pub for a happy hour beer.

But there’s this incredible Little You in your life now – and he or she is certainly worth saying goodbye to happy hour (at least for a few months. Or years). Right?

Actually, the folks at Little Tap House think you shouldn’t have to choose. So they launched BYOB – that’s Bring Your Own Baby – a few months back, inviting new parents to stop into the restaurant/pub for a “new parent and baby mingle.”

New parents can come with with baby in tow, socialize, have a beer, meet other new parents and not have to worry about the stink eye coming from every table within a 15-foot radius (because that baby’s going to start crying any minute and what are those parents thinking bringing a baby into a bar anyway?)

The event was created by Brianna Jaro, co-owner and brand manager at Little Tap House. She got the idea after talking to a friend and new mom about local social groups for parents. “And with that, the idea of a special once-a-month ‘new parent’ happy hour just clicked,” Jaro wrote in an email.

“I saw these first-time families individually coming through the door (of Little Tap House),” she said. “Though they seemed determined to get out of the house and have a good time, there always seemed to be an ounce of anxiety, being out with baby.”

So far, said Jaro, the events have been well-received, with families showing up to pose with Santa and play with mustaches in a baby photo booth. Jaro credits the early success to Portland’s progressiveness. “Mainers on the whole tend to be fairly communal and accepting,” she said.

Brianna Jaro photo

Brianna Jaro photo

“For those who have had knee-jerk reactions, I encourage them to come in and be a part of a BYOB,” said Jaro. “To see the genuine joy of the little ones while parents reconnect as couples and form new friendships with other parents – it’s just so cool. We feel honored to have such awesome, down-to-earth people in.” (That goes for both the grownups and the babies.)

And what do the young’uns think of all of it?

“It’s funny – they’re quite enthralled with one another,” said Jaro. “For new parents, life must continue postpartum and socialization for the whole family is a really healthy community experience. Plus, the tiny ones usually just fall asleep in the first hour.”

The next BYOB event is on Sunday, February 15 from 3 to 5 p.m. at Little Tap House, 106 High Street, Portland. “It will naturally be Valentine’s day themed,” said Jaro. And it’ll be the ninth BYOB event.

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