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Posted: October 1, 2013

Beer is better! No, wine is better! Beer vs. Wine Dinner

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Beer is better! No, wine is better!

It’s an age-old argument, the beer vs. wine debate. It’s older than Republicans and Democrats, and it certainly predates one of our modern disputes: Is ketchup an acceptable condiment on a hot dog? (For the record, it absolutely is.)

People have futilely argued their side for centuries. Inevitably, one of the wine fan gets all bent out of shape and tosses a glass of house red into the face of his beer-loving companion (now former companion). And sometimes that beer fan – refusing to waste her pint – returns the favor with a knuckle sandwich.

Usually it doesn’t get that far, although some of us may have lost friends over the controversy. (You can only watch a friend post so many pro-wine articles to Facebook before your pro-beer stance forces you to first hide her, then unfriend her altogether. Amiright?)

To add fuel to the fire, or perhaps to show drinkers there is a middle ground (is it possible to like beer AND wine? Yes!) The Inn at Brunswick Station is hosting a Beer vs. Wine dinner from 6-8:30 pm on Oct. 1. The meal will feature a selection of seasonal offerings prepared by Chef Kevin Cunningham and paired with Gritty’s beers and Joel Gott wines. Each course will be paired with both a beer and a wine chosen to compliment the dish. You try both and decide which pairs best. (Hint: Either way, you’re right!)

Here are the courses:
Start with roasted butternut squash cup and move on to a potato leek soup followed by a salad of local greens with goat cheese, dried cranberries and candied pecans.  For the entrée, guests will enjoy an apple-braised pork shank with a carrot parsnip fritter. The dessert will be a pumpkin panna cotta.

The five course dinner, including beverages, is $35 per person plus tax and gratuity. Space is limited and reservations can be made through Open Table on our website at Please select the proper date and time and mention the Beer vs. Wine dinner in the comments section when making a reservation.

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