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Posted: March 25, 2013

Contest: mainetoday Easter Egg Hunt

Written by: Staff Reports

Congrats to egg-hunting Janice Nappi, winner of the $75 gift card to Zapoteca!


$75 to Zapoteca Restaurant in Portland (think enchiladas suizas de pollo, tequila flights, and/or a brunch full of chipotle agave glazed bacon. And don’t forget huevos rancheros, a well-loved cousin of the Easter egg).


Find five brightly colored Easter eggs hidden around They’re not too hard to find if you’ve got a well-practiced eye for egg spotting (following years of childhood hunts). But just in case, we’ll be posting one clue a day all week to help you out. Follow the clues on mainetoday’s Facebook page and below:

The Clues

1. Eggs are tops at easter. But Egg #1 still prefers to hang out at the bottom.
2. We hide eggs for egg hunts, but Egg #2 just wants to be Seen.
3. Egg #3 is an egg-about-town, always keeping an eye on what cool events are coming up.
4. With lent almost over, Egg # 4 is looking for good places to drink up and chow down.
5. Egg #5 has a B.A. in Scrambling and is the VP of breakfast here at There’s even more to know about Egg #5 and the rest of the staff


The contest runs Monday, March 25 to Easter Sunday, March 31. Clues will be posted daily Monday through Friday. Entrees accepted until midnight Sunday. Winner chosen at random on Monday, April 1, from all entries received.

To enter

Find all five eggs and jot down the letter on each egg. Once you’ve found all five, you’ll have a five-letter word (we’ve helped out by numbering the eggs – no word scramble here). Here’s an example of what to look for:

Use the form below to submit the winning word (we’ll need your name and email, too, just to contact you, but won’t be using it for anything else). And done! One entry per person, please.
[Not a form fan? You can also email directly to]
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