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Rhon Bell, an outdoor enthusiast, spends his time exploring the Maine Woods and documenting his journeys. Growing up in Aroostook County, he embraced the outdoor lifestyle at a young age. Living today near Portland, he spends weekends and week-long adventures hiking New England summits, canoeing the historic Maine waterways, and ice fishing for lake trout. Follow the journey as Window to the Woods discovers new destinations, and check out his other blog, Backwoods Plaid.

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Window to the Woods with Rhon Bell
Posted: August 15, 2014

[Winner] Cool coastal town award: Perkins Cove


Their rising drawbridge reveals one of the most scenic fishing villages in all of Maine. My Cool Coastal Town Award goes to a place  I call ‘Hide-a-way Cove’, but it’s labeled as Perkins Cove on the map. This is one of the last quaint towns to have an active drawbridge in the state. Each lobster boat seeks shelter and safety within the confines of the tiny harbor. Streets are lined with small shops, take-out eateries and lobster-tour boats.

Today we enjoy the best possible breakfast around­ – right down the road at The Egg & I in Ogunquit. We all order a plate of the best french toast imaginable, topped with Maine’s best Maple syrup. Talking is sparse over the next 15 minutes as we chow down and quietly work out plans for the afternoon. Slowly making our way towards the ocean, we enjoy the sights and sounds of a summer’s morning. Finding a vacant bench, time is well-spent watching the comings and goings of the waterway.


We pop over to Perkins Cove and admire the working drawbridge and watch the action of the waterway. Peering down over the working docks, I stop to admire the lobstermen as they come with a full catch from an early morning on the ocean. Each fisherman backs his truck up to a hydraulic lift, hoisting loaded lobster traps from their boat onto the back of a pickup, bound for town.


The water is peaceful and quiet; the town is just beginning to come alive. Birds chirp and fly to and from bird houses the local townspeople have located throughout the waterfront. The tide is exiting the harbor and seemingly lines every lobster boat in the same direction, as if placed here solely for a photograph.


Before long, folks begin piling the streets for brunch. The smell of famous lobster rolls and award-winning clam chowder fill the air and make us forget about the delicious french toast from only a few hours ago. The next time you head south from Portland, mark Perkins Cove on your list of “Coastal Visits”!



Directions: Click Here

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Best Lobster Roll: Foot Bridge Lobster

Top Sight: The Working Drawbridge and Waterfront

Best Breakfast: The Egg & I (Ogunquit)








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