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Posted: October 8, 2014

Tinder is on fire at Buckingham Palace | Queen not amused

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Tinder! Grindr! Everybody’s using them. Apparently, even the staff at Buckingham Palace. Much to the queen’s chagrin. Sources from London’s esteemed Daily Mail report that among the 800 members of the Palace staff, many are using dating apps like Tinder and Grindr. And, it gets even more scandalous as they’re inviting all sorts of randos back to their rooms. Apparently hookup culture is on fire right in the queen’s backyard (so to speak — or literally for all we know). Can you stand it?! Buckingham Palace is like the epicenter of manners and domesticity. Victoria must be turning over in her grave. Poor woman.

Police guarding the royal residences are said to be “deeply concerned” at the number of unvetted overnight guests, many of whom appear to be “casual acquaintances” met online. In case you didn’t know, apps like Tinder and Grindr allow smartphone users to find potential love matches (ahem, hookups) nearby using GPS locators. Of course, I had to research these apps to figure out what they did because I’d certainly never used them. Shut up! I haven’t! Anyway, the apps have proved to be enormously popular worldwide and have millions of users. Unfortunately, they have also been criticized by many (super-uptight people, obviously) for promoting casual sex.

A former head of royal protection, Chief Superintendent Dai Davies, says that overnight guests have long been the “Achilles heel” of royal security. The invitation of random people for hookups, in particular, he says, “makes a complete mockery of the security structure, unfortunately.” Mr Davies was appointed as unit commander in charge of royal protection for the Queen and her family in 1995, and was responsible for both palace and personal protection.

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While most live-in servants –including butlers, maids and kitchen staff – are not allowed to bring guests into Buckingham Palace itself, they are permitted to sign in visitors to their living quarters at St James’s Palace and the Royal Mews. This is not a new arrangement, but the rise of dating (ahem, hookup) apps has ignited serious concerns among the Metropolitan Police that staff are bringing back guests whom they’ve literally just met and know nothing about. Blimey!

A Buckingham Palace spokesman declined to comment, saying they never discussed security matters. One official explained, however, that there was a “clear internal policy, advising staff as to rules on guest access”. The aide also rejected the suggestion that an internal link had been made between the use of such dating apps and any specific risk to security.

So, what do you think? Is this a grey day for England? Or, does the Palace need to lighten up? Whatever the case may be, her majesty has certainly been given something new to scowl about from beneath her signature hats. God save the queen!

For ALL of the dirt, check out the original article in The Daily Mail.

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