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Rob works as a digital marketing & public relations consultant to agencies, brands, and individuals. He has 20 years of marketing experience. He also currently serves in a volunteer capacity as director of pr/communications for TEDxDirigo. From 2005-2011, Rob served as director of social media & agency communications at The VIA Agency (Portland). Prior to VIA, Rob worked with several PR & advertising agencies in London & Boston. He is a graduate of The University of Vermont (UVM) and a Maine transplant (2002). Follow Rob on Twitter at @bobbbyg His real-life interests include art, travel, writing, design, psychology, the beach, & exercise (grudgingly at times).

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Social Social with Rob Gould
Posted: April 9, 2014

Survey Says: Teens Favor Instagram | Facebook? Not so much.

Earlier this week, Piper Jaffray announced the results of its spring 2014 teen survey. I was shocked with the numbers in more than one area. Although, the teens themselves were surely all like “whatever … ”

For the adults in the audience you might be interested in taking a look at the survey. I’ll link to the full results here, but I’m going to limit my comments to the results pertaining to social media. Because, honestly, I don’t know anything about anything else. My life is just one giant tweet. Possibly with some M&Ms thrown in for good measure. That’s about it. There. I’ve finally said it.

Moving on — in its most newsworthy result — Piper Jaffray found that 30% of teens ranked Instagram as their most important social network, ahead of Twitter at 27% and Facebook at 23%. Ummmmmm … Facebook? You’d better get busy. This is not looking good. Teens are your future, remember?

These are all big changes from the results of last spring’s Piper Jaffray survey, when 33% of teens chose Facebook as their most influential social network, versus 30% for Twitter and only 17% for Instagram. Also worth noting, is the fact that the other major social networks were basically relegated to the Sahara of non-influence: Google+ got just 4% in the 2014 survey, down from 5% a year ago (the bullies at Google cannot be happy about this); Tumblr was at 5%, up just barely from 4% previously (Marissa Mayer? Hello? Are you home? I don’t think Katie Couric and Bobbi Brown can help you here); and Pinterest was flat at 2%. Proving once again that teensy little pastel-frosted cupcakes and miniature rose-covered cottages really don’t pull in the teens. Oh Pinterest.

So, bad news for Facebook? Yup. But, I’ll bet Mark Zuckerberg is pretty happy about that one billion dollar investment he made in Instagram right about now. The analysts are certainly happy, that’s for sure. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said the company was maintaining a cautiously favorable rating on Facebook’s stock: “Our core takeaway is that Facebook has shown through its Instagram purchase that it is cognizant of changing trends in social and not afraid to make aggressive moves to capitalize on changes.” Thanks for the words of wisdom Gene. Super-boring but impressive-sounding nonetheless.

Twitter must be kind of sad too. Fortunately, they’ll be rolling out all sorts of new features and improvements to us in the coming weeks. So, at least we’ll have that to look forward to. And, M&Ms. Those.

Meanwhile, Kevin Systrom is likely celebrating by doing keg stands all over Silicon Valley while intermittently screaming — “I own you, BITCHES!” — complete with fist bumps. Or not. If it’s happening, I can guarantee you that Zuck is not amused.

Lastly — and I find this truly impressive — more words of wisdom from Gene. Don’t worry, he’s not nearly so boring here.

“According to our survey of 7,500 teens across the US,” Munster writes, “about 6% of teens currently own a smartwatch. We view this number as slightly higher than expected given the relative lack of smartwatches on the market. Additionally, 17% of teens suggested they would purchase an iWatch if Apple were to launch it for $350.”

So, apparently wearable technology is really where it’s at. Me? I’m just looking for a watch that makes me look young and height/weight proportionate. Is that too much to ask?

I’d even trade you my M&M’s for one. But, not my Twitter.

For more coverage of the Piper Jaffray spring 2014 teen survey: The Social Graf, MediaPost

IMAGE CREDIT: Guardian Liberty Voice


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