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Alicia Fuhrman is new to Maine and Maine is new to her. Follow her city exploration through "Snapshots," where every post will feature a picture series of otherwise overlooked or unnoticed Portland-area observations. Each series will will be thematically linked—found notes, aging objects, decrepit bikes, ocean vs. city gulls, and more. Stay tuned.

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Snapshots with afuhrman
Posted: February 13, 2013

Ice Patterns

So the historic snowstorm has passed, now it’s 40° and we have a historic mess. Melting by day and refreezing by night and remelting and refreezing and this will go on for a while, won’t it? Anyhow, one of the best parts about snow is being in it as it comes down–you know, the catching flakes and seeing them on your jacket sleeve, little stars–but the magnitude of this storm made that impossible, speaking for myself at least. Plus, the wind was so violent it probably obliterated the snowflakes into shapeless dust. And now it’s all turning to water. Looking down though (it’s Wednesday again, see last week’s post for ground-gazing justification), there’s some surprisingly lovely natural geometry to be seen. The snow that turned to liquid that turned to ice that turned to half-ice then all over again is still sharp-edged and angular in places, patterned by its own phase changes, in that intricate but necessary way we can only attempt to replicate. Here are a few snapshots.

The temperature just ticked up to 41°. Let’s just say this exhibit won’t be around much longer.


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