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Posted: November 2, 2012

DIY Friday – Turning my Goodwill Find Into a Modern Cottage Cabinet

It’s the freaking weekend and I thought I’d give you a little DIY inspiration with my latest Goodwill find! What you see here is a Hale Bookcase (yes, they are expensive!). I snagged this little gem at the Goodwill Store in Windham. Priced at $60, I ripped off the sale tag and took it right to the counter. As soon as I saw this bookcase, I knew what it could be…beneath the scratched stain and plexiglass inserts, I saw the modern cottage cabinet that I’ve been lusting over..but could not afford brand new!

We started by removing the doors and sanding down the entire bookcase. Sidenote: Sanding sucks so bad, I can’t even tell you. Actually..I should be honest, my husband sanded, I watched him…but he looked miserable. Anyway, we got the thing sanded and chose Benjamin Moore’s color of the year 2012 “Wythe Blue” as the color. The painting process was also a little tedious, however, we used a paintbrush instead of a roller to avoid bubbles…and it came out great.

Next was the door window inserts. When I bought this bad boy it had badly scratched plexiglass in place of what should’ve been glass. So I called up Portland Glass and gave them my dimensions within a few days, my glass was ready. We inserted the glass in the doors (not without breaking one of them first) and added some faux crystal knobs from Home Depot and voila, our Modern Cottage bookcase look was complete…sort of.

I then scoured Pinterest for interesting ways to ‘style’ the shelves and came up with what you see here. All in all, not bad for under $120.

Have you done any DIY projects lately? Tweet me a picture at @ccmaine!

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