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Posted: February 24, 2015

Midweek comic relief: Portland Comedy Showcase at Bull Feeney’s

Local Jordan Handren-Seavey at the mic during the Portland Comedy Showcase at Bull Feeney’s in 2014. Shannon Bryan photos

This story was originally published on January 16, 2014. But the Comedy Showcase is still going strong, so we’re re-sharing

Pet adoption bumper stickers, stretch pants, and sex (or lack thereof, as the case may be).

The subject matter spans to gamut at the weekly Portland Comedy Showcase at Bull Feeney’s. But the intention every week remains the same: Make people laugh for 90 minutes on a Wednesday.

Local comic Mike Levinsky launched the showcase in 2013 to fill a void left when Portland’s Comedy Connection closed.

“They ran a weekly showcase, which I got to do maybe a half dozen times,” he said. “When it closed, all that was left, in terms of the local scene, were a couple of open mics (Mama’s Crowbar Lounge and Slainte) and the occasional show at the Asylum (Local Laughs, produced by Brett Groh).”

Mark Turcotte making people laugh in January 2014.

The showcases feature a half-dozen or so comics from Maine and New England each week. And while many may be up-and-comers whose names you don’t recognize, Levinksy said he makes a point to choose comics who aren’t beginners.

“Stage time is valuable, so I’m looking for people who are actively working on the craft,” he said. The beginners he directs to open mics or stand-up workshops.

Every Wednesday, upstairs at Bull Feeney’s, local comics crack wise about Portland’s pot laws, girlfriend (or the lack thereof, as the case may be), and the perks to dressing like a drifter.

And it’s only $5. Quite the deal for a Wednesday night – or any night, for that matter – and a small price to pay to catch some local comics before they get too good for us.

“In five years, catch ’em on Comedy Central,” said Levinksy. “For now, catch ’em at Bull Feeney’s on a Wednesday night.”


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