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Posted: February 19, 2013

For the page-turning addict: Beer & Books book club

Reading tends to be a solitary activity. But if there’s one thing book lovers love more than reading books, it’s talking about books with other book lovers.

Book fans can seek out fellow reading geeks in libraries, where the conversation might be halted by a shushing librarian, or in book stores, where shop owners might be happy to hear that “Gone Girl” totally changed your life, but will still politely request that you stop haranguing customers at the register.

An easier option for the addicted page turner: Beer & Books Book Club. The club gets together on the first Monday of the month at Novare Res Bier Cafe in Portland. And they talk books. Specifically, the book chosen for the month.

Last month’s book, “The Book Thief,” led to a good deal of talk about death. (It’s inevitable, it’s tragic, it has a peculiar sense of humor.) But conversations easily strayed into poetry, humanity, Passamaquoddy.

And even though I hadn’t had a chance to finish the book – or start it – but I joined the group a few weeks ago, it wasn’t hard to be part of the book club discourse. I mean, I can speculate on the symbolism of dominoes just as well as anybody. And I can drink beer (and wine and cider) and be a good listener, too.

Debate was stirred up at the last book club. It’s as inevitable as death, perhaps, when a group of strangers gets together to talk and drink and opine. But Katy Kelleher, managing editor of Dispatch Mag and the self-described book nerd behind the book club, did a stellar job keeping the dialogue lively, interesting, and inclusive.

The next book up for discussion will entice the zombie fans among you – or possibly turn you into one (a fan, not a zombie): World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Beer & Books reads “World War Z”

6 pm Mon, March 4 at Novare Res
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