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Holly Nunan

More commonly known as "The Nunz," Holly Nunan is a musician from Portland with an unabashed love for the city and its thriving music scene. She can be found around town at local shows, performing with any variety of local acts or talking about local shows on WCSH6 on Friday mornings at 6:20 am. She's also hosts Music from 207, which airs on 98.9 WCLZ on Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 7-8 pm. Holly loves a good taco, George Harrison, and stupid cat videos. Reach her at On Facebook: NewzByTheNunz Follow her: @hollynunan

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Newz by The Nunz with Holly Nunan
Posted: October 7, 2013

Weird Al gets wacky at The State Theatre tonight

Well, here we go again, another Monday has sneakily crept up on us and is most likely going to try its best to destroy morale amongst the masses, but I think we can totally win the battle against Monday if we throw on our trusty Party Pants and rock it on out this evening. Let’s kick Monday’s butt all the way into Tuesday, here we go!

Tonight you’ll find Mike Krapovicky of The Grumps hosting another free open mic event up at Pedro O’Hara’s in Lewiston. Grab an instrument and get ready to play some tunes starting right around 6:30.

The one, the only Weird Al Yankovic will be performing at The State Theatre in Portland tonight. Weird Al is one of the biggest selling comedy recording artists with over 12 million album sales, 3 Grammys and 14 Grammy nominations for such classics as “Eat It”, “Fat”, “Amish Paradise” and so many more. The dude’s been at it for a while so if you’re looking to laugh and enjoy some of Al’s finest parodies, check out his show as things get underway right around 8 o’clock.

If “free” and “fun” is what you’re looking for this evening head out to the open mic night that’s happening over at RiRa on Commercial Street in Portland. Every Monday starting right around 8 Evan Walsh hosts his own version of an adult talent show in the form of a free open mic night. EvGuy even has instruments available for people to play, and even if you can’t actually play said instruments, he’ll help you out by jamming out a decent version of a song for you to sing!

Really there’s no need to be bummed out because it’s Monday, instead celebrate the fact that you made it through the entire day with some bluegrass and pizza down at Otto on Congress Street. Tonight local picker Joe Walsh and friends will be providing a mighty fine soundtrack to your evening starting right around 8 o’clock.

90s Night at Slainte Wine Bar & Lounge on Preble Street in Portland is getting into the Weird Al action as well as they pay tribute to America’s most beloved parodist by playing some of his hits as well as some of the hits that he parodied tonight. They’ll also be playing all of the great 90s pop danceables that are a staple of this weekly dance party, which gets underway at 10 o’clock tonight.

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