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More commonly known as "The Nunz," Holly Nunan is a musician from Portland with an unabashed love for the city and its thriving music scene. She can be found around town at local shows, performing with any variety of local acts or talking about local shows on WCSH6 on Friday mornings at 6:20 am. She's also hosts Music from 207, which airs on 98.9 WCLZ on Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 7-8 pm. Holly loves a good taco, George Harrison, and stupid cat videos. Reach her at On Facebook: NewzByTheNunz Follow her: @hollynunan

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Posted: December 25, 2014

Check out The 25th of Sniff at The Thirsty Pig this Christmas Evening!

Written by: Holly Nunan

It’s here! It’s here! It’s Christmas!!! The most wonderful time of the year is happening RIGHT NOW. Hopefully y’all didn’t shoot yer eye out or get your tongue stuck to a frozen pole, or wake up this morning home alone with Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci trying to trespass into your abode. I also hope you didn’t have to pull a John McClane and fight off a group of terrorists while joining your family for some holiday festivities.(Obviously, I’ve been watching some Christmas movies the past couple of days. And yes, Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas film.)

If you’re in dire need of escaping the merriment of the day (bah-humbug!) there are a few places open this evening. Of course, you can always up your MSG in-take and order some Chinese food, but if eating your feelings isn’t enough, here are some places to hang out and grab a cold one tonight.

The Thirsty Pig in the Old Port will be opening at 5 o’clock this evening to celebrate The 25th of Sniff hosted by Josh “Sniff” Schlesinger. You might know Sniff from his excellent work with Bissell Brothers crafting tasty beers and also as the former host with the most of The Pig’s weekly open mic night, The Exchange. Tonight Sniff will be throwing a party with beers, music and the traditional holiday hot dog. If you’re looking to get out, hang out and have some fun this Christmas evening, this is the place to be.


If you’re looking to just straight up booze away your bah humbugs, here are some establishments that will be serving some ice cold holiday cheer: RiRa, Rosie’s, Fore Play Sports Bar, Ruski’s, Empire and Amigos in Portland will be open at some point this evening, but I do suggest giving a ring before making your way to your favorite watering hole just to make sure you don’t get left out in the cold this Christmas evening.

Whatever you choose, I hope it is festive, merry and bright and that you have the happiest of hollydaze! It’s back to your regularly scheduled program of rocking and/or rolling tomorrow, so a very Merry Christmas to you all, my Party-Pants-wearing babies, you are loved.


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