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Carey Kish of Mount Desert Island has been adventuring in the woods and mountains of Maine for, well, a long time. If there’s a trail—be it on dirt, rock, snow, water or pavement—he will find it, explore it, and write about it. Carey is a two-time Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, Registered Maine Guide, author of AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast, editor of the AMC Maine Mountain Guide (10th ed.), and has written a hiking & camping column for the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram since 2003. Follow his outdoor travels and musings here, and on Facebook/CareyKish. Let Carey know what you think at

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Posted: July 11, 2015

Six-Moon Journey: On the trail of hope

Written by: Carey Kish

Carey Kish is thru-hiking the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. He is currently in Pennsylvania. Entries from Carey’s trail journal are presented here. You can also follow his journey on Facebook.

June 22, 2015: Falls Creek Campsite to US30 near Caledonia State Park, 17.3 miles, 8:45am to 4:30pm.

A big cruising day for sure, with the miles just flying by…

Tucked in this evening at Trail of Hope Hiker Hostel, just shy of a mile west of the AT crossing of US30. Tried hitching a ride for 30 minutes, but with traffic whizzing by at 55mph, it was fruitless. So I started walking. Five minutes down the road a sweet young family in a minivan pulled over and offered me a lift here. Yeah!

Hot shower and laundry were the first orders of business. Then I sat down to a family-style dinner of spaghetti, rolls and butter, fruit salad, hot dogs, cake, and other goodies. Plus several Cokes. Yeah, I’m full, very full.

Post-dinner, Pat the hostel guy ran me over to get a few groceries. He’ll also slack pack me tomorrow from Pine Grove Furnace back to here, 20.5 miles. Should be a good day.

Dan "Indy" the ATC Ridgerunner and "Junker" at Trail of Hope Hostel. Carey Kish photo.

Dan “Indy” the ATC Ridgerunner and “Junker” at Trail of Hope Hostel. Carey Kish photo.

I was one of the last to break camp this morning, go figure. Kept rolling back over for a few more winks. Hot sleeping last night. Had to put the fly on early because of rain drops. Should’ve gotten up and taken off later but I never did, so the tent was rather stuffy.

Steep up right out of camp, then down and out past three shelters. Lunched early at Tumbling Run. Lots of scout and camp groups on the trail today, probably met more than 100 of them. A good.y number of scouts were at the shelter. The poor leaders looked bushed with their big packs in the heat and humidity. Ha!

Out of there was the big up of the day, to Chimney Rocks. The view there was most excellent, to the east, and worth the five-minute side trip.

A long undulating ridge punctuated with several short steep climbs over rocky knobs filled up my afternoon, then it was long trundle through pleasant woods out to the highway. Part of me wished I’d not made plans to stay at the hostel, as the big swimming pool and snack bar at Caledonia SP was just a half-mile north, but alas, perhaps tomorrow at the tail end of my slack pack.

Nice folks here. Bob Freeman, aka Junker, is a 1997 thru-hiker. Great chatting with him. He’s been at this trail business for a long time and is a living wealth of trail lore. Love it.

My meager tent camp at Falls Creek just into PA. Carey Kish photo.

My meager tent camp at Falls Creek just into PA. Carey Kish photo.

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