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Carey Kish of Mount Desert Island has been adventuring in the woods and mountains of Maine for, well, a long time. If there’s a trail—be it on dirt, rock, snow, water or pavement—he will find it, explore it, and write about it. Carey is a two-time Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, Registered Maine Guide, author of AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast, editor of the AMC Maine Mountain Guide (10th ed.), and has written a hiking & camping column for the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram since 2003. Follow his outdoor travels and musings here, and on Facebook/CareyKish. Let Carey know what you think at

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Posted: February 9, 2016

Centennial skiing at Acadia is heavenly

Written by: Carey Kish

Whatever named storm it was that blasted Maine last Friday left quite the blanket of snow behind pretty much all over Maine, and here on Mount Desert Island where this skier tends to hang out a lot, we reveled in a good ten inches of snow. As soon as the snowing and blowing abated and the sun started to shine through on Saturday, my wife and I headed straight for the carriage roads of Acadia National Park.

The amazing volunteer groomers of the Acadia Winter Trails Association had been out that morning on the Witch Hole Loop and the Lower Hadlock Loop, two of seven cross-country ski routes in the park, were tracked and ready for classic and skate skiing. We opted for the trails north of Eagle Lake, which include the Witch Hole and Paradise Hill loops. By the time we arrived in late morning the parking lot on ME 233 west of Bar Harbor was already full up, except for one space, ours!

The skiing was fantastic, and we enjoyed three solid hours of fun on the trails, covering some seven miles in all. The loop over Paradise Hill was a real treat, as neither of us had gone that way before. Up top as we circled around the north side of the hill we treated to awesome views of Schoodic Mountain and then Frenchman Bay and its islands and one to Schoodic Peninsula.

Skiing on the Witch Hole Loop, Acadia National Park. Carey Kish photo.

Skiing on the Witch Hole Loop, Acadia National Park. Carey Kish photo.

Winter storm “Mars” was just here for a visit, leaving behind another six inches of powdery snow. So I’m not going to waste too much time setting here at the keyboard, not when the trails are calling. And if you haven’t been up to the island for a good ski (or snowshoe) on Acadia’s carriage roads, well, you’re surely missing out on a fun time. Kind of scenic too.

I suspect the groomers will be doing their thing again before the weekend, making everything nicely corduroyed and tracked for you and me. That’s as good an excuse as any to make a trip to check out all this winter beauty for yourself. Never mind that 2016 is the centennial year of Acadia National Park, and worth a little celebrating for sure.

Check out my recent story on Acadia’s centennial: Join in the party as Acadia turns 100, for a good intro to this very big year here in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. For the official scoop on the park centennial, go to Acadia Centennial 2016.

Maybe see you on skis out there on Acadia’s carriage roads soon…

Cadillac Mountain as viewed from the Witch Hole Loop, Acadia National Park. Carey Kish photo.

Cadillac Mountain as viewed from the Witch Hole Loop, Acadia National Park. Carey Kish photo.

Check out more photos of skiing Acadia in the gallery below:




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