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After visiting Maine only a handful of times, Laura Serino packed up her studio apartment in New York City and headed north for "the way life should be." After a summer on North Haven island, she and her boyfriend, a Maine native, settled in Portland, Maine. Serino is a former magazine editor who has been published in national and regional publications. When she isn't blogging, she spends her time antiquing, scouring thrift shops, exploring new places in Maine and cozying up to her cat Jasper. She recently completed her first book, "Twentysomething Girl, 1001 Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier." Reach her at Follow her: @ForeFrontFash

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Fore Front Fashion with Laura Serino
Posted: November 25, 2014

Ask Fore Front: Daily face care, pastel shorts & more

Welcome to our first edition of “Ask Fore Front”. I’ve loved reading all your emails. Some of these questions had me stumped. Some made me laugh. Here’s a few answers for you.

Dear FFF,
You write a lot about beauty products and organic skincare, but do you really try everything you write about? I get overwhelmed when I google something like “best organic face wash” since every one has an opinion. What do you really use every day? Even if it’s Dial soap, I’d like honesty!

My dear, dear Kelly! There are so many great products in the world, you’re right, it’s often overwhelming and impossible to choose. And honestly, I am no expert. Not at all. I care about organic beauty products, but that’s not to say it’s for everyone.

Since you wanted full disclosure, that’s what you shall get!

Every morning I wash my face with Dr. Bronner’s black soap (which I raved about in this post) and I use a full eye dropper of pure argan oil as my moisturizer. That’s pretty much it. If I’m lucky, I will put on some make-up. But these are the only two things I am religious about.


And every night, I wash my face with my beloved black soap and then use a pea sized amount of retinol cream all over my face and Weleda eye cream.


That’s it! Those are my four favorites. I’ll let you know if this repertoire ever changes, but for now, that’s what works best for me.

Dear FFF,
Fashion 911! Are pastel elastic shorts too 1994?
Love, Amanda

Amanda. Show off your pins! I don’t care if that means wearing an elastic waistband or not. Work those gams, girl!

Dear FFF,
Where’s the best place to get a fun, exciting haircut in Portland without spending a fortune? I’ve been to a couple in the area and although I like them both, they’re just not getting it right. I was divorced in February and have recently ended a 10-month relationship, lost 100 lbs and am now a happily single mom of two rock star boys. I’m 46 years-old and time is tick tocking away… I need help, lots and lots of help. I don’t have a huge budget for this so any help would be so much appreciated.
Kind regards,

Dari, check your inbox. We’re getting haircuts together. You rock Dari. I am happy to hear from such a killer Mom with a new killer bod that deserves to be pampered.

Stay tuned for Dari’s new haircut on the blog soon!

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