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Karen Beaudoin

Karen Beaudoin is a life-long Mainer, which means she’s a fan of the Red Sox (World Champs again! Take that Yankee fans), whoopee pies, Ogunquit Beach, the L.L. Bean boot mobile and vacations in tropical locations in February and March. Ninety-eight percent of her work week is spent as web editor for; during the remaining “fun” percent she contributes to

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Pedal On with Karen Beaudoin
Posted: May 9, 2014

Biking and biz: Cycling may be the new golf when it comes to getting deals done

Most times, I find it difficult to carry on a conversation when cycling.

Usually what comes out when I’m trying to respond to a question are gasps for air and grunts on the way up yet another hill. And the chatter interferes with the voice in my head that’s constantly telling me to remember to breath. In. No out. And in again.

I figured that’s why headphone jacks were added to the treadmills at Planet Fitness and why riding two abreast is frowned upon by the Safety Dogs of cycling.

Apparently, I’m way out of the loop. Apparently I should have been doing double duty while pedaling, selecting riding partners who could help me better my financial standing.

Rather than stripes,plaids and golf shoes, many businesspeople are choosing cycling jerseys and bike helmets to help get their deals done.

At least that’s what I gleaned from a recent CNNMoney story about entrepreneurs and executives who are getting a little work done while in the saddle.

Used to be that all the big biz deals were done on the way to the 18th hole. These days plenty of those businesspeople are setting aside their golf clubs and pull carts in favor of a cycling helmet and clips.

I say, saddle up, and lets figure out how to make our first million.

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