Thursday April 24th 2014


By: Shannon Bryan

Be a winner – in bed! Rolling Slumber Bed Races, Kegs and Eggs Breakfast, Wine Tasting, and Early Bird Sale in Brunswick

Photo courtesy of Brunswick Downtown

The distance between Earth and the Kuiper belt (a ring of debris extending between 30 and 50 AU from the Sun, like a soap ring around the bathtub of our solar system) is pretty colossal.

But you know what distance is even more prodigious? The abysmal length between the blanketed comfort of your bed and the frigid flatness of your bedroom floor. Feet are required to travel that span on a daily basis. And no matter how routine the journey seems, it’s never simple. It requires effort. Some motivating self-talk. A full bladder.

It’s a tough way to start the day – being forced from the warm womb of sleep and into a wicked world of tooth brushing and poorly timed traffic lights. But this weekend, locals with a penchant for their pillow top can avoid the early-morning “stay in bed vs. participate in life” dilemma during the second annual Rolling Slumber Bed Races in Brunswick.

Starting at 11 am Saturday, teams of five (four runners, one rider) will battle bed-to-bed in a queen-sized race down Brunswick’s Park Row. The race is part of an all-day Early Bird Sale event that begins with the sunrise at 6 a.m., when a slew of local businesses open their doors for early-rising and/or heavily coffeed shoppers. Shops are offering discounts from 10-50% (note many of those discounts are only available in the early morning hours and/or if your show up in pajamas.) There is also a 6 am kegs & eggs breakfast at Byrne’s Irish Pub, design your own omelet event at Inn at Brunswick Station, and Holiday Wine Tasting at Trattoria Athena at the prime wine-tasting hour of 12:30 pm.

But back to the beds.

Photo courtesy of Brunswick Downtown

Each team will push their bed along the race course the old fashioned way – i.e., no engines, jet packs, or other modes of propulsion. Themes are encouraged, and megaphones, whistles, and other implements of distraction are a-okay. The costumes are required.

And win or lose, race participants can finally put the “you won’t accomplish anything staying in bed all day” fallacy to rest.

And then they can take a nap.

FMI on the  Brunswick Downtown Early Bird Sale and a list of the participating businesses and discounts: