Wednesday April 16th 2014

Watch: Tidwell Taste Tour drinks Shipyard Pumpkinhead

By: Shannon Bryan

“Did they put the wrong beer in here?”

That’s the gist of this sample-on-video from the Tidwell Taste Tour (two brothers, one friend, many beers). Sure, most folks have long forgotten about pumpkin beer season, but it’s worth a mid-winter look for both the commentary and the animal hats. Oh, and the alternating background graphics.

IN the end, the Tidwell trio aren’t turned into hardcore Pumpkinhead lovers. In fact, they call the beer “odd” and not-at-all-pumpkiney:

“This is obviously a Honey ale…it tastes like &%$@#% honey.”

“There is absolutely zero pumpkin in here. But it’s good.”

Stick out the video critic for a lesson in Maine history near the end that includes George Washington, a large pumpkin head, and the Civil War.

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