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Posted: November 5, 2012


Written by: Staff Reports

Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes it when strangers make decisions for you.

Maybe you wouldn’t mind the coffee barista picking out your clothes. Maybe you’d appreciate it if the dude in the apartment above yours told you where to work and what to cook for dinner.

It’s possible. But chances are you’d prefer to have a say in the goings on of your own life. And you should.

So you dress yourself and eat what you’d like – and you vote.

Election day isn’t just an opportunity to fill in circles Scantron-style like you did in high school.

It’s an opportunity to have a voice in your own future.

Seize that opportunity. Vote.

If you’re not certain of the particulars, has a stellar database of all-things-election, including voting locations, sample ballots, and candidates. Just plug in your address: Voter Information Lookup

If you want to track election results, check out

If you’d like to be reacquainted with the nuances of our electoral college system:

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