Thursday April 24th 2014


By: Shannon Bryan

SWAPmaine Holiday Soiree

6-9 pm Wed, Dec 5, Mariner’s Church Banquet Center, Portland

Photos courtesy SWAPmaine

It’s hard letting some clothes go. Even the things you never wear – like that rad pair of pants that were tragically hemmed for someone four inches shorter; or that sweet mustard-colored jacket that clashes with your tragically fair complexion, giving you that not-quite-thawed look; or that designer-label sweater your ex-boyfriend bought you for your birthday last year, just before he oh-so-tragically became someone you despise.

You can’t wear these things. But neither can you send them off into the void, never knowing where they’ll end up. Will they find a good home? Will someone love them as well as you did? Will you run into those pants on the street one day and discover they never finished high school and have spent the years collecting soup stains?

The solution: Holiday Soiree, 6-9 pm tonight at Mariner’s Church Banquet Center, Portland.

SWAPmaine is already known for their regular day swaps, where folks can drop off a bag of clothes they no longer wear and take home someone else’s – items they find and like and will actually wear. It’s genius.

And the Holiday Soiree takes things to the next level with a friendly little thing in a glass called a cocktail. Attendees drop off five great items (name brand clothing in excellent condition, gently used vintage, clean shoes and bags, and jewelry) between 6-7 pm and can have a drink while they browse the wares (including a curated holiday boutique featuring vintage jewelry and accessories). Swap begins promptly at 7 pm.
By the end of the night, your clothes will be off to a better place. And you’ll have an armful of new-to-you things you can share your heart with.

Tickets are $20 and there are limited number for this event. Proceeds benefit Goodwill Industries of Northern New England, and any clothes not swapped away will go straight to the stores, too.

So go to the swap, and let your closet once again be a place of honor for the clothes you actually wear.

For information on tickets (or buy them at the door) email