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Posted: February 15, 2013

Sweat together: Love on the Run 5K

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Love on the Run 5k

1 pm Sat, Feb 16 | $30 | USM Sullivan Gym, Portland

Many of us have run from love before. That’s because love’s the kind of thing you don’t want any part of until you do. And by then anyone who was running after you has long started running after someone else.

It’s likely that sprint-between-lovers has gone the other direction, too. Raise your hand if you ever fell a little too insanely in love with someone you were certain was your perfect match, only to realize soon after it ended that you didn’t even know what he did for a living – if anything. Young love can be overeager like that.

But now we’re adults. We have lives, and careers, and a penchant for running 5Ks. Or walking them, because running is, uh, not good for my knees.

Enter the Love on the Run 5K. It’s described as “a run for adventurous singles and fun-loving couples.”

The event isn’t timed, so your personal 5K journey can unfold just like your love life: In your own damn time and NOT when your mother thinks it should happen.

Entry costs $30 and the the race starts at 1 pm at USM’s Sullivan Gym in Portland. The 5k course follows Deering Ave into Deering Oaks Park, where the Steal-A-Kiss and Hot Cocoa and Hugs stations await.

If you’re already hooked up (dating, married, committed, whatnot), that’s okay. It happens. No one will hold it against you. But you relationship folks are encouraged to wear white to distinguish yourselves from the single folks (so they know who they can chase, and you they nod to politely in a totally non-sexual way). If you’re single and ready to mingle (or just one and ready to run), you’re encouraged to wear red. And if you’re single, ready to mingle, and LGBT, you’re encouraged to wear rainbow.

And if you’re too busy panting to make introductions on the course, there’s an after party at Gritty’s for awards and post-run drinks. So whether you’re single or coupled, everyone’s a winner, because of, you know, the beer.


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