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Posted: March 8, 2013

Shirk winter with limbo: Waranimal’s Winter Beach Ball

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Waranimal’s Winter Beach Ball

8 pm Sat, March 10 | $8 | SPACE, Portland

The beach. Remember it? You used to hang out there – without a coat, without mittens, and often without pants.

You were good friends when times were warmer. You shared some laughs, some good times (the beach still has the scrapbook to prove it). And while no one’s calling you a fair-weather friend…you’re kind of a fair weather friend.

And that’s okay. The beach knows you’ll be back – maybe after the slush subsides and the wind off the Atlantic no longer chaps your eyelids. In the meantime, you can bring the beach inside (where the thermostat fights back against winter’s frigidity).

The Waranimal’s Winter Beach Ball at SPACE this Saturday is a summer beach party that shirks the season. It may be March in North America, but it’s late July inside 538 Congress Street.

The beach-themed bash includes music from local “metal-head party animals” Waranimal, Superorder, and Ramming Speed from Boston.

There will be a limbo contest, tropical shenanigans, and unabashed beach appreciation. Break your swimsuit free of its confines in a box under your bed and tell winter once and for all, “It’s not you, it’s me. This isn’t working out.”

FMI and tickets ($8):

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