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Shannon Bryan

Shannon Bryan has a fondness for Maine’s peculiar goings on. And helmet cams. There’s definitely a fondness for helmet cams.   Since she arrived in Maine 10 years ago, it’s been her mission to experience it all firsthand – from the cardboard boat races to the paddleboard jousting tournaments. With any luck, she’ll persuade you to try it, too.

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Posted: November 1, 2012

Get your beer here

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Maine Brewers Festival

Humans have had a fondness for beer since man first created it (and what a hero that man was). But particularly in the last several years, our fine state of Maine has been producing some pretty awesome brews. And with new microbreweries (good ones, too) continuing to pop up in Portland, Newcastle, and elsewhere, it’s no wonder beer drinkers have gotten savvier and more adventurous. This ain’t yer daddy’s Old Style.

Saturday’s annual Maine Brewers Festival has been bringing beer to the beer lovers for years. And with a host of local breweries on hand to pour their latest – and some good old standbys – it’s the perfect opportunity for the beer appreciators of Maine to sample, mingle, sample some more, talk to the brewers and, well, drink more samples.

The $36 admission gets you a 4-oz tasting glass (with logo and made from authentic glass) and 12 sampling tickets.

Plenty of food vendors are sprinkled throughout the Expo, which will come in handy when you get hungry, or when you notice those first six samples have already started slowing your witty retort response time.

Some of the brewers in attendance include Allagash, Atlantic, Bar Harbor Brewing Company, Baxter, Geary’s, Federal Jacks, Gritty’s, Oxbow, Peak Organic, Rising Tide, Run of the Mill, Sea Dog Brewing, Sebago, Sheepscots Valley, and Shipyard.


Happy Hour Session:
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm
– Doors open at 1:00pm
– Food & store sales start at 1:00pm
– Taps open at 1:30pm

Evening Session:
6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
– Doors open at 6:00 pm
– Food & store sales start at 6:00pm
– Taps open at 6:30 pm

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