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Posted: January 15, 2013

Anna Kendrick is the best tweeter from Maine ever

Written by: Shannon Bryan

“Pitch Perfect” film still

I don’t personally know Anna Kendrick, the Portland-native-turned-movie-star whose recent film “Pitch Perfect” helped me realize my love for a capella (and soon after, another realization: Living without a singing voice is a source of true, personal shame). But I can feel like I know her because I sometimes drive past Deering High, where she went to school, or because I probably know someone who knows someone who knows where her parents live.

And when she tweets about Ryan Gosling, masturbation, and the back row of a movie theater? Well, then we don’t just know her, we love her.

This Twitter gem, which she tweeted yesterday afternoon, has been retweeted over 20,000 times. Because it’s hilarious. And anyone who talks about masturbation on a public forum is okay by me. And apparently everyone else on Twitter.

Well done, Anna. You make Portland proud.

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