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Things to do This week

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  • Biddeford home is now a Mad Men themed hotel: The 1964 House

    A Biddeford women turned her extra space into a time-warp hotel, of sorts. Guests stay in either the Betty Draper or Don Draper suites. The whole apartment is furnished in 1964 decorations, right down to the cherry red typewriter. Read on

  • Things to do in Portland – A visitor’s guide to Maine’s most exciting city

    So you're visiting Portland, eh? It's a cool city with lots of amazing food - but you know that. Congress Street is a hub of art, shops and life. A quick walk toward the ocean will bring you to the Old Port, with its cobblestone streets, salty breezes and lots of ice cream and touristy stores. Read on

  • Things I wish I knew before vacationing in Baxter State Park: 8 tips for planning your next trip to the North Maine Woods

    I recently spent 10 days in Baxter State Park, and while I found a lot of articles on the various ways to hike Katahdin, there was little about other hikes, places to swim, which campgrounds are the best, etc. Even Maine guidebooks glossed over the park. And there were some things I would have liked to know. Read on

  • Portland’s inns and B&B’s are proof that small is beautiful

    At these nine properties, you won't find 24-hour room service or fitness clubs, but you will find stylish, comfortable rooms, delicious breakfasts and caring innkeepers. Read on

  • Maine Mini Adventure: Forget the outlets. Books, smoothies & beach in Kittery

    Maine's southernmost town has evolved into a mecca of good food, quaint stores and natural beauty. Read on

  • Bar Harbor on a budget: 14 free (or cheap) things to do in Maine’s famous coastal town

    So let's get this out of the way first: The cheapest thing you can do here is simply enjoy the jaw-dropping natural beauty. Just crossing the bridge from Trenton qualifies as a postcard moment. But there are plenty of free - or really cheap - things to do here that will help make sure your visit to Bar Harbor leaves you with an overflow of fond memories and zero vacation debt. Read on

  • What to do with one summer weekend on Mount Desert Island – a guide by someone who lived there

    I lived out by MDI for a summer and if you were my buddy, these are the places I'd take you. We'd swim, hike, swim more, eat, eat candy and — of course — stop at The Chicken Barn. Heard of it? It's the best place to grab a book. I mean, yeah, technically it's in Ellsworth, but it's so so worth it on your way in. Read on

  • Try the Deer Isle Hostel for a cheap, off-the-grid stay on the coast of Maine

    The Deer Isle Hostel is a magical place. It sits on three locations I always want to be: island, farm, forest. The word "hostel" brings to mind certain images, which you should toss out of your head right now. And this one is entirely off the grid — think solar power, a compost-heated shower and wood-heated everything. Read on

  • 7 of Maine’s most beautiful lakes

    You have GOT to see these amazing photos. We hand-picked the prettiest lakes in Maine, so you'll know where to go for a swim, paddle or just to gaze at the view. Read on

  • Ride horses on Peaks Island: Horse Island Camp offers trail rides along the ocean

    Sure, you've biked on Peaks Island, but have you galloped along the beaches? Have you trotted your horse up to old WWII forts? Well, you have to. It's just plain magical. Read on

  • 7 of the most beautiful beaches within 45 minutes of Portland

    You could visit a different beautiful beach every day of the week - all within 45 minutes of the city. Beaches around here are a little like our restaurants; different ones appeal to different moods and different tastes. Read on

  • Splashtown v. Aquaboggan: Which Saco water park has the best rides, slides, bathrooms

    Maine's two water parks are 2 miles apart. They're two different flavors of watery amusement. So which one should you go to? Is Splashtown worth the extra few bucks? Read on

  • 11 things to do with out-of-town friends & family in southern Maine

    These ideas will help you keep everybody entertained, well-fed and happily exhausted by day's end. Careful, though - your visitors are going to fall in love with Maine (and they're going to think you're the best tour guide ever) and they'll be coming back every year. Lucky you. Read on

  • Your guide to Rockland, Maine — a great place to eat, hike and explore in the midcoast

    There’s a lot of pretty things to see if you're willing to leave Rt. 1. Rockport has a perfect swimming hole. Camden has forested mountains to hike with ocean views. Pick a couple of these things and make a day of it, or take a weekend to fit them all in. Read on

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